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    Commonly used self-adhesive blank labels
    Food label
    Daily chemical product label material
    Electronics industry.
    Anti-counterfeit label
    Automotive industry label
    iron and steel  industry label
    Medical laboratory labels
    Cable label
    Dust-free room label
    Wiring panel label/distribution  frame label
    High temperature curing label for ceramic industry
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    RFID label
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    Wax base
    Mixed base
    Resin based
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  • AGV

Logistics distribution management system

Our software is a set of software system for distribution industry to achieve sales management, which is applicable to all levels of various business enterprises in the field of logistics and distribution (such as pure water, gas, milk, etc.). The software closely tracks the characteristics of distribution business, achieves perfect sales management, generates a variety of sales reports, has strict control of operating rights, and applies different caller display technology.

1. Business (Revenue, Expenditure) Processing Module: Invoice, Receipt, Empty Packet Receiving, Check Accounting, etc. of Distribution Business.

2. Inquiry summary: business flow record, summary of dozens of combinations.

3. Ranking: Arbitrary combination with receivables, actual receivables, outstanding receivables and dates, sorted by distributors, customers and commodities.

4. Report output: dozens of sales reports are output in Excel format at will.

5. Rate settings: a variety of customer sales prices and payment calculation methods for distribution workers.

6. Personnel information: including basic information such as software operators, employees, customers, etc.

7. Data Base Processing: Establishment of New Account Set, Data Backup and Restoration, Data Submission and Rollback, etc.

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