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Anti-counterfeiting anti-smashing system

Deliki is an advanced anti-counterfeiting and anti-collusion solution supplier. With mature product identification technology and rich system implementation experience, we serve our customers. With 10 years of industry experience, Deliki combines the concepts of modern warehousing, logistics, distributors, store membership management, real-time large data acquisition and analysis, early warning, anti-channeling in the bud.

Fake and inferior products have caused serious losses to the state, enterprises and consumers. Fighting against counterfeiting is to protect the interests of the state, enterprises and consumers, and is the inevitable requirement of legitimate and orderly competition. If a famous brand product does not use effective anti-counterfeiting measures, it may be impacted by a large number of counterfeit products, which will greatly damage the image of the product.

With the transformation of enterprise management from extensive to intensive, limited by technology and means, most enterprises still use the traditional mode and management mode in the initial stage of operation. These modes have increasingly prominent disadvantages in efficiency, cost and controllability. Therefore, the change of market environment puts forward new requirements for the channel management mode of enterprises.

Product bar code anti-counterfeiting/anti-channeling management software system can help enterprises to achieve strict supervision and control over the orderly flow of key commodities in the distribution network, improve the level of enterprise channel management, reduce and avoid channel risks. The system uses encrypted two-dimensional bar code technology to identify key commodities accurately and confidentially. Through the commodity verification function of foreign branches, cross-regional sales and channeling of products can be effectively eliminated, and the impact of counterfeiting and inferior goods can be prevented.

Function description of anti-channeling cargo system:

1. Production Management Module

Enterprises can attach a bar code with a special logo on each product, which can encrypt one-dimensional code, encrypted two-dimensional code and other forms. It contains product variety information, production information, serial number, sales information, etc. In particular, two-dimensional bar code can record more detailed data and information such as the sales area of goods, the person in charge of sales, the serial number of key accessories, and so on, so as to add products. A proprietary, complete and confidential identity and attribute identifier.

One-dimensional code records about 20 bits of information, and two-dimensional code records hundreds of bits of information. The investment of one-dimensional codes is less than that of two-dimensional codes.

Further, the enterprise can monitor the warehousing, warehousing, logistics and other links of goods strictly through fast reading barcodes, and make the various business outlets in the distribution network have powerful commodity verification functions. Business outlets can check and match the commodity sales areas and product attributes according to their needs. The verification functions will be carried out through portable barcode scanning terminals, or It is realized by adding bar code scanner to notebook computer.

In the production management module, it includes label management (definition, printing, reading, data encryption), product management (attribute addition, deletion, modification), user rights management, data upload and download management and other functions.

2. Sales Management Module

Distribution enterprises can manage and monitor the whole process of commodity distribution comprehensively, effectively and safely by combining two-dimensional bar code technology with purchase, sale and storage software and enterprise wide area network. And further get valuable commodity warehousing, logistics, sales, repayment and other data, to provide valuable statistical information, data and statements for business decision-making of enterprise headquarters. Specific functions will include regional distribution management (regional management, responsible person management), regional performance management, personal performance management, report management, etc.

3. Commodity Anti-counterfeiting Module

Firstly, the anti-counterfeiting function is realized by one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. After one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes are encrypted by enterprises, the data and information in two-dimensional barcodes can not be obtained by other people without the key. In addition, because the two-dimensional barcodes of each commodity are different, and related to specific information such as components and serial numbers, it is difficult for other people to forge, nor can they use optical methods to copy. The logistics of each bar code is recorded in the database. The forged bar code is not recorded in the database. It is easy to be checked and processed by the system and alarmed automatically.

The system also supports anti-counterfeiting of codes. Enterprises generate a serial number while printing labels and paste it on commodities. End users can check the legitimacy of the serial number by calling the service hotline. In addition, enterprises can also set up anti-counterfeiting inquiry website for customers to log in and inquire commodity serial number.

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