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    Medical laboratory labels
    Cable label
    Dust-free room label
    Wiring panel label/distribution  frame label
    High temperature curing label for ceramic industry
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WMS Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a real-time computer software system. It can manage information, resources, behavior, inventory and distribution operations more perfectly according to operational business rules and operational rules, so as to maximize the requirements of effective output and accuracy.

Deliki builds high-performance WMS, efficient management process, WMS software warehousing management; annotates modern logistics management concepts, and helps enterprises build core competitiveness of logistics management.

Our warehousing plan is a comprehensive improvement solution for the warehousing problems of circulation enterprises. Provide integrated services such as warehouse management consulting service, WMS system tools, system secondary development and execution guidance for enterprises.

Suitable industries include:

1. Third Party Logistics

2. Distribution Center

3. Retail/Wholesale

4. Industrial Manufacturing

5. Bonded Zone/Bonded Warehouse

6. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Logistics warehouse management system (warehouse system) features:

· All operations of warehousing management covered;

· Supporting multi-point, multi-warehouse and Multi-cargo owner management of 3PL

· Supporting Location Status Management/Quality Management

· Supporting Warehousing Management in Bonded Zone

· Provide value-added services to warehouse, such as packaging, assembly, labeling, etc.

· Support warehousing and transportation tracking functions for customers and suppliers

· Support batch and serial number management;

· Integrated TMS management.

Logistics warehousing management system function module:

· System Management

· Warehousing management

· Inventory control

· Value-added services

· Depot management

· Shipping management

· Billing management

· Report management

· Bar Code/Radio Frequency (RF) Management

· Online inquiry

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