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RFID solution

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. It can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and multiple tags at the same time, which is fast and convenient to operate.

All of Deliki's RFID solutions are based on the characteristics of industry development. They can be tailored to the actual requirements of different enterprises.

Our solutions can be classified according to industry:

Logistics, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft, identity recognition, asset tracking management, animal tracking management, fast payment, personnel management, health care management, oil and gas industry technology, railway management system, supply chain management, library management system and so on.

Why does barcode/RFID be introduced into production management?

(1) A large number of real-time useful data will be generated on the production site, which will play an important role in the rapid decision-making of enterprises.

(2) The data of the production site mainly depends on the operators of the production site to collect. Because the workers of the production site are both engaged in production and data collection, if the original manual collection method is used, not only the input speed is slow, but also the error rate is high.

(3) The data of production site are scattered in many different process links. It is necessary to use barcode/RFID as a link to connect the information of each production link, so as to track the whole process of the product from the beginning of production to the end of the product line.

How to introduce barcode/RFID into production management?

(1) Process cards with barcode/RFID symbols are used.

According to the production order or production plan, the process card is printed with barcode/RFID printer before each single product or batch/order product starts to produce; the process card corresponds to the single product or a batch of products one by one, and circulates with the product in every link of the production line during the production process. In each production link, the production site operators use barcode/RFID reader. Or the handheld terminal scans the bar code/RFID on the process card to obtain the production data of the previous production link, and records the relevant information of the operation link on the process card until the product is packaged.

(2) The items to be collected are represented by barcode/RFID symbols and printed on labels.

For example, each management object can be given a proprietary identity serial number identification, and print out the serial number barcode / RFID tag and paste it on the management object that needs to be tracked. At the same time, some auxiliary data objects (such as processes, operators, production lines, production shifts, etc.) can be identified by barcode / RFID to further realize the automatic collection of data.

(3) Handheld data terminal with barcode/RFID scanning function is used for production management.

For applications where computers cannot be deployed on the production line, and data collection is not needed in real time, and the data of each link is unrelated or unrelated, handheld data terminals can be used to collect data separately first, and then centralize batch processing. At this time, a handheld data terminal with barcode/RFID scanning function is equipped for production site operators to collect data on site. At the same time, relevant information can also be queried in the field. Before that, relevant data in the system will be downloaded to the handheld terminal.

(4) Data upload and synchronization.

Through wireless network, the data collected on the spot are uploaded to the production management system in real time, and the data in the system are updated automatically. At the same time, the updated data in the system can be downloaded to the handheld terminal for on-site query and invocation.

Characteristics and advantages of production management barcode/RFID solutions:

Emphasis is placed on the management and control of production field operation process, featuring the application of barcode/RFID technology.

The advanced bar code/RFID technology is applied to identify the data collected in the production field, which can realize the automatic and rapid collection of a large number of real-time data generated in the production process.

In the process of production management, each data management object in the enterprise is given a barcode/RFID identifier:

(1) After the barcode/RFID reader scans the barcode/RFID identification, it interprets the barcode/RFID and identifies each data management object accurately.

(2) Detailed information of the identified data management object is stored and transferred to the computer to accurately collect the data.

(3) The function of automatic error correction and real-time alarm fundamentally solves the unavoidable error phenomena in manual input, and ensures the authenticity and reliability of the first-hand data in basic data statistics.

Perfect integration with planning layer to enhance the application value of ERP/MRP system

On the basis of resolving the bottleneck problem of data acquisition and input in the original ERP/MRP system, it maintains two-way communication ability with the planning layer (ERP/MRP), receives the corresponding data from the planning layer and feeds back the processing results and production instructions, so as to enhance the application value of the ERP/MRP system.

Personalized solutions tailored to meet the production process of enterprises.

Based on the basic application framework, production management barcode/RFID deeply understands the production process of enterprises, customizes personalized solutions for enterprises, and highly matches the business process and management needs of enterprises.

Benefit assessment:

(1) Reduce human error input, realize seamless connection between production data and management business, reduce the workload of managers, and reduce the time of processing documents by 75% - 90% for each supervisor.

(2) All workers can put into production without drawing out the working group members to record production data.

(3) Increase the accuracy of production data collection, make the production plan more accurate, so as to complete orders more quickly.

(4) Improve the management level of the company, and lay a good foundation for further developing the application effect of the original ERP/MRP system.

(5) Record the time spent by the staff to complete the work, master the efficiency of the staff, and enhance the management of the staff.

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