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The Ministry of Science and Technology regulates the technical standards of RFID products and encour

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China announced in Beijing on the 9th that it will standardize the product technical standards of "electronic tags". The move shows that the Chinese government encourages domestic companies to compete with international players in an industry that is expected to have a lucrative profit.

The name "electronic tag" is called radio frequency identification technology, which is a non-contact automatic identification technology realized by radio frequency communication. The RFID tag has the characteristics of small size, large capacity, long life and reusability. It can support fast reading and writing, non-visual recognition, mobile recognition, multi-target recognition, positioning and long-term tracking management.

Zhang Zhiwen, an official with the Department of High-Tech Development and Industrialization of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said: "The application of radio frequency identification technology to logistics, manufacturing, public information services and other industries can greatly improve management and operational efficiency and reduce costs. With the continuous improvement of related technologies and Mature, the RFID industry will become an emerging high-tech industry cluster."

Zhang Zhiwen said that in the next two years, the relevant government departments will refer to the ISO/IEC18000 series of standards for radio frequency identification technology of the International Organization for Standardization, and according to the actual situation in China, the air interface specifications, physical characteristics, reader/writer protocols, coding systems, Test standards, application scope, data management, information security, etc. to develop China's standard system. He said: "In the process of setting standards, we will consider the issue of coordination with developed country standards. International cooperation is a win-win situation or a win-win situation, and should not be a succumb to the high-pressure cooperation of others."

It is predicted that the total demand for the RFID industry chain including readers, software, services, etc. in the global market in 2008 will reach 4 billion US dollars. This industry has increasingly become a competitive area for the global information industry giants.

It is understood that the Ministry of Science and Technology will establish a radio frequency identification technology research and development base in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, and will also support some domestic research institutions to strengthen research in this area.

China has applied radio frequency identification technology to railway identification, ID card and ticket management, animal identification, special equipment and dangerous goods management, public transportation and production process management.

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