Product List
  • Label
    Commonly used self-adhesive blank labels
    Food label
    Daily chemical product label material
    Electronics industry.
    Anti-counterfeit label
    Automotive industry label
    iron and steel  industry label
    Medical laboratory labels
    Cable label
    Dust-free room label
    Wiring panel label/distribution  frame label
    High temperature curing label for ceramic industry
  • Fixed code reader
  • Data collector
  • Scanner
  • ISBN printer
  • Electronic price tag
  • RFID
    RFID label
  • Ribbon
    Wax base
    Mixed base
    Resin based
  • Thermal Paper
  • AGV
Talent Concept

Talent is the gift of virtue. Virtue is the best talent. "Virtue" -- with high basic quality, "ability" -- the basic ability to perform the duties of the post. The ancients said: ruler has a short, have a strong point, something is not enough, wisdom is unknown. In selecting and employing people, we do not seek to have both, but put morality first, promote talents with morality, and cultivate talents with morality. By improving the quality of enterprise talents, we should construct the talent structure with both ability and political integrity.

Innovative talent concept, not stick to one pattern of talent selection, not seniority, only the meritocracy. We should expand the channels of talent selection, find talents in practice, cultivate talents, exercise talents, make bold use of talents, vigorously cultivate innovative professionals, constantly develop and strengthen the talent team, and add stamina to the sustainable development of enterprises

People have length, regardless of the size, integrity, both inside and outside. Learn from others and make the best of them. To see, to love, to use, to dare, to embrace. We should make full use of the strengths of each employee and integrate the human resources of the enterprise to the greatest extent, so as to provide a strong driving

force for the sustainable development of the enterprise and promote the healthy development of the enterprise

Because its material to take, review its ability to take, use its strong point, cover up its short. Knowledge of good, meritocracy, suitable for the post, suitable for the post suitable remuneration. With keen insight, find out the personality characteristics of each employee, and use the talents, put the talents in the most appropriate position, apply the advantages of the employees to the most suitable work, so that the sage in his position, the competent in his position, each position, to enhance their strengths and avoid weaknesses, each to their talents




Code reading engineer
Software engineer
Maintenance engineer
Sales engineer
Intelligent warehouse sales manager
Code reading engineer

[job requirements]

1. College degree or above, major in automation, electromechanical engineering, electronic information, signal processing, computer vision, etc.;

2. Interested in industrial automation, 1 year or above working experience in the field of code reader; Industrial control industry sensors, encoders, security products, light source products or machine vision related after-sales technical support experience is preferred;

3. Be familiar with at least one brand of automatic code reader: Cognex, Datalogic, Microscan, Keyence, etc.;

4. Independently completed the code reader project, and understood the simple circuit control principle and structural design principle are preferred;

5. Good communication skills, strong learning ability, strong subjective initiative, focus on teamwork, and be able to adapt to short-term business trips.

[company benefits]

1. Social security (five insurances) upon entry;

2. Project-oriented and flexible working hours;

3. Generous performance bonus, project bonus, year-end bonus and travel subsidy;

4. Paid annual leave, holiday gifts or subsidies, birthday gift CARDS and medical subsidies;

5. Salary adjustment opportunities once or twice a year, double track promotion mechanism: technical, management;

6. Once or twice a year for domestic travel, irregular dinner parties and overseas travel for excellent employees;

Software engineer

[job requirements]

1. Proficient in Java programming, familiar with PHP and Python;

2. Master at least one database, such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.;

3. College degree or above, major in computer or related field, about 2 years working experience;

4. Good at communicating with others, have a strong sense of enterprise, and be serious and responsible for work; Good at learning, with the ability to analyze and solve problems;

5. Good and standard programming and document writing habits;

6. Experience in completing projects independently is preferred;

Maintenance engineer


1. Technical secondary school, no limitation on major;

2.2 more than 2 years of electronic product maintenance experience;

3. Circuit board maintenance or design experience is preferred;

4. Strong sense of responsibility, able to maintain a positive working attitude under pressure

Sales engineer

[job responsibilities]

1. Able to complete the sales task according to the sales target:

2. Keep abreast of customers' needs and explore new markets;

3. Developed new markets, developed new customers and increased product sales scope;

4. College degree or above, good image and temperament;

5. More than three years of work experience and familiar with east China;

6. Sales experience in barcode identification products (barcode equipment and consumables) is preferred;

7. Sales experience in industrial products and automation products is preferred;

8. Sales experience in label, nameplate, die-cut and other electronic mechanical parts is preferred;

9. SMT/PCBA or other electronic manufacturing experience is preferred;

10. Outgoing, simple social relationship, able to quickly integrate into the company atmosphere;

11. Good communication skills and logical thinking ability;


1. Graduated from mechanical, automation or electromechanical integration major, familiar with intelligent warehousing and logistics industry, and have rich customer resources;

2. It is better to simply use CAD drawing, be proficient in office software and other office software, and understand marketing related knowledge;

4. Strong executive ability, good at teamwork.

3. Strong market and product acuity, good at resource integration, good judgment and decision-making;

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